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My name is Peter Anderson and I have worked as a teacher and headteacher for nearly forty years, thirty of them as a headteacher of three large primary schools. My passion that I have had all my life is to help children and adults to navigate their lives more peacefully and with more grace.

While I had trained as a conventional counsellor my life took a dramatic leap forward when I was introduced to the Three Principles through my daughter Jenny Kennard (co-producer of the Three Principles Movies website with her husband Rudi Kennard). I became curious about the transformational effect this simple  understanding had on Jenny.  Overnight Jenny went from a painfully shy young person who would rather cross the road rather than talk to people who knew  her, to a calm, confident young women who is now happy to talk to big groups of people at conferences and is at home in her own skin.

My curiosity led me to sign up for a three year facilitator course that gave me the opportunity to hear some of the great teachers of this understanding, George and Linda Pransky, Aaron Turner, Mara Gleason, Keith Blevens, Valda Monroe, Jack Pransky and Dicken Bettinger.

Over the last eight years I have been working with children, teenagers, individuals, couples as well as larger public groups. I have witnessed
transformations before my eyes as people wake up to their own potential.

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Interviews of Peter Anderson talking about the Three Principles and its effect in education.

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