What our clients say about working with us

She comes out of school happy now. She had a real eureka moment. It was instant. She came home after that one session an entirely different child.

I find it incredible. She has been given a skill for life.

Charlotte's Story

When I was younger I suffered from anxiety and worrying.

After discovering the three principals of thought and being taught about it by Peter I have a more positive and accepting outlook on life.

The three principles gave me a better understanding of my thoughts and feelings which has helped me to be a happier person overall.

Joseph aged 15 years

What our clients say and why this understanding is so helpful.

Over the last eight years I have been working with children, teenagers, individuals, couples as well as larger public groups. I have witnessed transformations before my eyes as people wake up to their own potential, here are some our clients thoughts.

Unlike many of the talking therapies, learning about the three principles does not involve you in going back in time, raking over traumatic events or reliving childhood  problems.  In learning about how it is we work as a human being changes everything, for the better!!

Working with Peter has been (and still is) a joy for me. He has the experience, together with the modesty that I find trustworthy and reliable. He has a deep understanding of the 3 Principles, and shares this in an eloquent manner, with plenty of examples and stories. As a result of our time together I have noticed greater clarity in my own understanding. Peter is a pleasure to work with, I have already recommended him to 2 close friends.

Marien Perez

The Three Principles approach to our son’s anxiety issues, quite simply, changed our lives. My husband and I had been at the end of our tether, having tried everything we could think of to help, but all to no avail.

Pierce was becoming more and more distressed and it was impacting on his school life as well as at home. I alerted the school to the problem, which was picked up by the then headteacher, Peter Anderson, who I knew had a professional as well as personal interest in child health and wellbeing issues.

Fortunately for Pierce, Mr Anderson asked if we would be prepared for him to try out the The Three Principle approach with Pierce through a series of one to one (and sometimes, one to two) sessions during or after school time.

The results were very quick – there was a dramatic improvement in Pierce’s ability to deal with his anxiety issues; he became more aware of his ‘over-thinking’ and how to deal with it, and so he became less anxious, more confident and willing to face up to the challenges of everyday life.

He was happy for the first time in ages and, I’m pleased to say, so we were we! We had our son back.

Pierce still has the occasional ‘wobble’ as he likes to call it, but these days all he needs, is a gentle reminder – maybe the odd one to one session with Mr Anderson – and then he’s back on track, being a normal teenager and enjoying life.

Kim (Pierce's mum)

It was a horrible scenario, my overthinking combined with stress was a recipe for disaster, I was not eating, sleeping and so on. It was affecting my social and home life, I had a lot of potential to be an intelligent kid in primary school. I felt individual though, like no-one could help, and all the stress was holding me back. We’d tried more or less everything, that’s when we discovered that my headteacher, Mr Anderson, could help. He agreed to help me by using the Three Principles approach.

Within a month of occasional meetings with Mr Anderson, I was practically not the same 10 year old boy. I’d grown confident, I could focus more, I didn’t worry except for the rare occasion which happens – that’s life. I started to understand my thinking for what it was, and began to accept my thoughts and be happy within myself.

Since then I’ve gone on to secondary school, where finally I’ve been able to enjoy life and express myself, I went from a shy boy, to being popular. I can now help myself when I get stuck in my thinking. And I can focus on my school work which is going extremely well, so too is my football. After getting over my stress I can play the sport I love more – I play for the district, the school, the local club and two acadamies; without the Three Principles I could have done none of this. Despite an anxious and stressful start to secondary school, I managed to calm myself and now I really am loving life.

I hope this makes other people who are in a situation like I was in, realise that you will come out the other side of this tricky spell in life a much stronger person.

Three Principles will guide you. I more than recommend it – it changed my life! Thanks.”


Following a mastectomy and the subsequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain ‘normality’. I was constantly anxious; having 3 or more panic attacks every night, on a knife edge at work and unable to maintain any relationship beyond a simple functional level.

I persevered with various counselling offered to me by my doctors, who were consistently supportive, but eventually I capitulated and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication and tablets to help me to sleep without nightmares. I was diagnosed with a condition similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I felt desperate, ‘strung-out’ and hopeless.

Peter and I had been colleagues for many years. He was supportive throughout my treatment and recovery and at this crucial time, offered to talk to me about the Three Principles. It would be fair to say that although I was interested, I was also sceptical. Being a Christian, I was not sure how it would ‘fit’ with my religion- this has not been a problem.  However, that first conversation led to my first, proper, night’s sleep in months. This continued and I also noticed that gradually I was becoming less anxious and more engaged with my friends and family.

The medical treatment saved my life, but the conversations that I had with Peter with regard to the Three Principles gave me back a life that was worth living.

Julie (Primary Teacher)

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